The Registrars Group was founded by Amy Caulfield-Caesar and Margaret Zwilling, professional Registrars based in New York City with over twenty-five years of combined fine arts administrative experience.

Our expertise encompasses a multifaceted suite of full registration practices, including collection management, insurance, packing and shipping, handling, lending/consigning and other related needs. We’ve handled a diverse array of artwork; from the smallest, most delicate items, to monumental sculptures. The Registrars Group has well-established contacts with all of the major art shippers and can help to organize and arrange all local, domestic, and international art shipping and transportation needs safely and securely.

The Registrars Group can organize all aspects of your collection and inventory management needs.  Whether it’s digitization of your collection, fabrication of new works, framing or fine art conservation, we can orchestrate all requisite services. Our connections to the top arts photographers and our experience with inventory management systems will provide you with the tools needed to manage and maintain your artwork inventory.

Whether you are a private collector, advisor, artist or gallery looking to augment your existing team, manage peaks in demand, or variabilize costs; our flexible service offering, combined with our diverse and comprehensive experience can optimize your organization’s functionality and delivery by providing the reliable expertise you need, when and where you need it.

Margaret Zwilling is a Registrar with over 15 years of experience in fine art logistics. She has worked with a range of clients from individual collectors to large institutions. She’s managed collections valued in the hundreds of millions and overseen installation at both private homes and large scale Museum venue. 

Margaret holds a Master's of Arts in Arts Administration from Florida State University and attended the University of Florida for her Undergraduate Degree. She moved to New York to pursue a career in the arts in 2012, and has forged her connections along the way as she moved through the art world.  
Amy Caulfield-Caesar is a Registrar with decades of experience in fine art logistics for some of the oldest and prestigious fine arts institutions in the country.  She has worked in both the public and the private sectors, gaining expertise with monumental and delicate art installations, assisting clients with collection management, insurance, collection digitization, packing, shipping, lending/consigning, art fairs, and other related functions.  

Amy holds a Masters Degree in Art Business from The Sotheby's Institute of Art and attended New York University for her Undergraduate Degree.